Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
February 16, 2011Vol. I. No. 6

Top 5 Risk Factors for Care
Transition Management

Care Transition Risk Factors

In this week's issue, learn about the top risk factors to qualify individuals for care transition management.

This week's challenge: Tighter management of transitions in care can help to close care gaps and reduce rehospitalizations, ER visits and medication errors. We wanted to see the top risk factors that are considered when evaluating individuals for care transition management. Click here to view a printable version of the chart.

What We Learned: The Healthcare Intelligence Network's second annual Managing Care Transitions Across Sites e-survey captured the essentials of care transition management, including the top five risk factors to qualify individuals for care transition management:

  • Multiple chronic conditions: 83.6 percent
  • History of hospitalizations: 73.8 percent
  • Long-term care recipient: 37.7 percent
  • Cognitive impairment: 32.8 percent
  • Poor self-health ratings: 18 percent

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2010 Performance Benchmarks in Managing Care Transitions

Excerpted from 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Managing Care Transitions, a 60-page report that provides actionable information from 87 healthcare organizations on their strategies to smooth patients' transitions from one care site to another. Based on responses to HIN's May 2010 Industry Survey on Care Transitions Management, this report documents the latest trends and metrics on care transitions programs in use by primary care providers, health plans, hospitals and others.

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