Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
December 12, 2012Vol. II Issue 50

4 Domains of Process Improvement for
Reducing Hospital Readmissions

4 Domains of Process Improvement for Reducing Hospital Readmissions This Week's Challenge: CMS' readmission penalties have rolled out with hospitals facing a penalty cap of 1 percent of their Medicare revenue this fiscal year. In the future, hospitals may also be subject to additional conditions for the penalty beyond the initial heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia DRGs. We wanted to illustrate the four domains of process improvement that hospitals should follow to reduce readmissions after discharge.

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What We Learned: "We recognize that hospitals need to adapt and implement these concepts in various ways to fit their own settings, whether they're rural or urban, academic or community hospitals. The four major domains are an invitation to reflect. If your hospital’s not providing these four elements of care for every single patient leaving your care regardless of risk, then I would invite you to reflect why wouldn’t we do this for everyone? Why wouldn’t we make sure that we are updating our standard of care as people leave our hospital sicker and quicker, and take upon themselves a greater burden and more responsibility for after-hospital care? Why wouldn’t we improve our standard of care for everyone in these four areas?"

— Amy Boutwell, president of Collaborative Healthcare Strategies.

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Readmission Penalties in 2013

Excerpted from Readmission Penalties in 2013: A Cross-Continuum Approach To Lessen the Financial Impact, a 45-minute webinar, during which Amy Boutwell shared cross-continuum strategies and tactics to reduce readmissions and lessen the financial impact of the Readmission Penalty program.

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