Who Conducts Home Visits?
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
December 11, 2013Vol. III Issue 50

Who Conducts Home Visits?

Who Conducts Home Visits? This Week's Challenge: According to nearly 34 percent of healthcare companies who responded to HIN's inaugural industry survey on home visits, the main healthcare professional who conducts the home visit is the case/care manager. We wanted to see which other healthcare professionals conduct home visits.

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What We Learned: HIN's home visits e-survey, conducted in August 2013, captured data on how individuals are identified to receive home visits, the components of a home visit, the greatest challenge of home visits in a population, and much more. According to the 155 healthcare companies who responded, the top five home visits facilitators are:

  • Case/care manager: 33.7 percent

  • Home health worker: 20.2 percent

  • Nurse practitioner: 16.3 percent

  • Social worker: 14.4 percent

  • Multidisciplinary team: 13.5 percent

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2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Home Visits

Excerpted from 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Home Visits, which examines the latest trends in home visits for medical purposes, from the populations visited to top health tasks performed in the home to results and ROI from home interventions.

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