Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
January 19, 2011Vol. I. No. 2

Top 5 Adherence Assessment Tools

Adherence Assessment Tools

In this week's issue, learn which tools are being used to monitor medication adherence and compliance.

This week's challenge: Medication adherence programs can improve patient care and lower healthcare costs by more effectively managing chronic medication utilization. We wanted to see which tools are used to assess and monitor medication adherence in individuals. Click here to view a printable version of the chart.

What We Learned: The January 2010 Medication Adherence e-survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network captured the industry's efforts to improve medication adherence, including: the top five tools used to monitor medication adherence:

  • Prescription refill patterns (75.5 percent)
  • Evidence-based standards (43.4 percent)
  • Claims data (43.4 percent)
  • Lab results (39.6 percent)
  • Modified Morisky Scale (15.1 percent)

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2010 Benchmarks in Medication Adherence

Excerpted from 2010 Benchmarks in Medication Adherence and Management, which provides actionable information from 107 healthcare organizations on their efforts to improve medication adherence and compliance in their populations and the impact that medication therapy management programs have on adherence levels, medication costs, ER visits, hospital and nursing home admissions, risk of death and other areas of concern.

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