Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
November 14, 2012Vol. II Issue 46

What Do Hospitals Do for Their
Patients Upon Discharge?

What Do Hospitals Do for Their Patients Upon Discharge? This Week's Challenge: Now that CMS' readmission penalties have been rolled out, hospitals are reexamining the hospital discharge to ensure the transition out of the hospital and the reception into the next site of care is a successful one. We wanted to see which workflows hospitals have established for their patients upon discharge.

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What We Learned: HIN's third annual survey on Reducing Hospital Readmissions, conducted in February 2012, documented the highest rates of targeted programs to reduce readmissions in the survey’s three-year history. The survey captured details on these programs to curb readmission rates, along with the conditions most likely to trigger readmissions and much more. According to 119 healthcare companies who responded to the survey, hospitals do the following for patients upon discharge:

  • Review medication plan: 75.9 percent

  • Review discharge instructions: 70.7 percent

  • Confirm follow-up appointment: 69 percent

  • Call within 72 hours of discharge: 60.3 percent

  • Confirm "red flag" warnings: 56.9 percent

  • Review advanced care plan: 43.1 percent

  • Conduct home visit: 36.2 percent

  • Other: 13.8 percent

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2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Excerpted from 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Reducing Hospital Readmissions, which identifies the key strategies, challenges, target populations and health conditions of 119 healthcare organizations to reduce avoidable rehospitalizations.

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