Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
July 18, 2012Vol. II. No. 29

How to Reduce Avoidable ER
Visits by the Recently Discharged

How to Reduce Avoidable ER Visits by the Recently Discharged This Week's Challenge: In today's value-based healthcare sphere, there are many motivators to reduce avoidable ER visits: quality improvement, core measure metrics, reimbursement and incentives, cost trend, accreditation and recognition of ACOs and medical homes, to name just a few. We wanted to see how healthcare organizations reduce avoidable ER visits by patients recently discharged from the hospital.

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What We Learned: HIN's Reducing Avoidable ER Visits e-survey conducted in October 2011 captured how 134 healthcare organizations are working to staunch the flow and expense of avoidable ED use and point low-acuity patients in the direction of appropriate care. According to survey respondents, some effective strategies to reduce avoidable readmissions by the recently discharged are:

  • Phone follow-up within 2 days: 49 percent

  • Primary care physician visit within 3-5 days: 44.9 percent

  • Medication review: 38.8 percent

  • Home visit: 34.7

  • Notify primary care physician of discharge: 30.6 percent

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2012 Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits

Excerpted from 2012 Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits, which is designed to meet business and planning needs of hospitals, health plans, physician practices and others by providing critical benchmarks that show how the industry is working to reduce avoidable hospital emergency department visits.

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