Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
May 16, 2012Vol. II. No. 20

4 Ways to Reduce Avoidable
ER Visits by Children

4 Ways to Reduce Avoidable ER Visits by Children This Week's Challenge: A collaborative effort among five regions of Ohio is targeting the key reasons for avoidable ER visits among Medicaid beneficiaries and rolling out test interventions in a rapid cycle quality improvement approach. We wanted to review its four-pronged test intervention that can reduce avoidable ER visits among children with an upper respiratory infection (URI).

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What We Learned: "Based on what parents are telling us — that they truly think that [their children having a URI is] an emergency and they really donít know what to do, we developed a four-pronged test intervention thatís encompassing the very upstream preventive intervention thatís providing [the parents] with alternative resources, including a 24/7-nurse line. That can provide them with professional medical advice. The second leg of this intervention is that when patients or parents call into the nurse line, they will be able to get triage for their sick call for the sick kids. Also, as part of this test intervention, we work with a group of participating PCPs that will be making the same day or next day appointment available. So, the triage nurse can refer those patients to them."

— Mina Chang, Ph.D., chief of the health services research and program development section of the Bureau of Health Services Research for the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services

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Reducing Avoidable ER Visits by Medicaid Patients Through Quality-Based Interventions

Excerpted from Reducing Avoidable ER Visits by Medicaid Patients Through Quality-Based Interventions, a 45-minute webinar, during which Dr. Chang described how a collaborative effort among five regions in Ohio is developing actionable interventions to address the reasons why Medicaid beneficiaries are most likely to use the ED inappropriately.

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