Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
April 11, 2012Vol. II. No. 15

How a Pharmacist Helps to
Improve Medication Adherence

How a Pharmacist Helps to Improve Medication Adherence This Week's Challenge: Evidence continues to mount that heightened levels of medication adherence correlate to reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits, especially among Medicare patients. We wanted to see the pharmacist's contributions to improving medication adherence.

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What We Learned: HIN's second annual e-survey on improving medication adherence, administered in August 2011, captured how 162 healthcare organizations are improving medication adherence and compliance in their populations. According to survey respondents, a pharmacist does the following to improve medication adherence:

  • Individual coaching: 64.6 percent

  • Medication reconciliation: 58.3 percent

  • Medication therapy management: 52.1 percent

  • Telephonic reminders: 27.1 percent

  • Other: 18.8 percent

  • Post-discharge calls: 12.5 percent

  • Home visits: 6.3 percent

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2011 Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence

Excerpted from 2011 Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence, which provides actionable information from 162 healthcare organizations on their efforts to improve medication adherence and compliance in their populations. This second annual analysis of medication adherence programs documents the impact of these programs on adherence levels, medication costs, ER visits, hospital and nursing home admissions, risk of death and other areas of concern.

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