Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
April 4, 2012Vol. II. No. 14

4 Ways to Engage Members in
Telephonic Case Management

4 Ways to Engage Members in Telephonic Case Management This Week's Challenge: Telephonic case management of behavioral health patients by Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA) targets high-volume users of the ER and inpatient hospital stays for behavioral health concerns. We wanted to see how CBHA engages members in telephonic case management.

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What We Learned: "We make the outreach call to members; once we get in contact with someone we’re going to describe this service in ways of how it can help them. We could say, ‘this is a service that helps you see how well you’re doing’. Or we could use a phrase such as, ‘we are here to support you in your recovery’. It's very positive; we let them know that there’s no charge, no cost to them for the program and letting them know that we are not trying to sell them something is a positive thing. We’ve also found that while we have a specific survey that our case managers are supposed to follow, it’s better to do that in a conversational style, rather than a specific, “read a question, wait for an answer” style. That helps keep members engaged in the process because it feels like a conversation, rather than feeling like a survey."

— Jay Hale

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Telephonic Case Management

Excerpted from Telephonic Case Management: Protocols for Behavioral Healthcare Patients, a 45-minute webinar, during which Hale shared the case management protocol developed by his organization, including using scripts and surveys to assess patients engagement in the treatment process and identify patients at-risk.

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