Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
March 28, 2012Vol. II. No. 13

Top Challenges in Adopting a
Patient-Centered Medical Home

Top Challenges in Adopting a Patient-Centered Medical Home This Week's Challenge: The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model of care is heavily supported in the Affordable Care Act, a favored model of integrated care delivery and a cornerstone of accountable care. We wanted to see the challenges healthcare organizations faced in adopting the medical home model of care.

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What We Learned: The Healthcare Intelligence Network's fifth annual PCMH e-survey conducted in April 2011 revealed a growing awareness and adoption of the PCMH model as well as the challenges, cost and benefits of converting to a PCMH for 115 healthcare organizations. According to survey respondents, the top five challenges that were faced in adopting a PCMH are:

  • Staff buy-in: 31 percent

  • Reimbursement: 19 percent

  • Physician-led care: 15 percent

  • Certification/recognition: 11 percent

  • Whole person approach: 8 percent

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2011 Medical Home Performance Benchmarks

Excerpted from 2011 Medical Home Performance Benchmarks: Adoption, Utilization and Results, which is the Healthcare Intelligence Network's latest annual in-depth analysis of medical home awareness, adoption, tools, technologies, challenges, benefits and outcomes. This exclusive 65-page report analyzes the responses of 115 healthcare organizations to HIN's fifth annual industry survey on the PCMH, administered in April 2011. It delivers the latest metrics and measures on current and planned PCMH initiatives, providing actionable data on PCMH effectiveness, targeted populations and conditions, medical home team members, and much more.

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