Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
January 11, 2012Vol. II. No. 2

Aetna's Collaborative Care Management
for the Medicare Population

Collaborative Care Management This Week's Challenge: Aggressive expansion plans aside, Aetna has clearly demonstrated the value of embedded case managers working side-by-side with physicians to serve Aetna's Medicare members. We wanted to see the types of services provided by Aetna's collaborative care management team for Medicare members. Click here to view a printable version of the table.

What We Learned: "We provide collaborative care management, dedicated or preferably embedded case managers, who will work directly with the physicians and the staff on care management and do so in close collaboration with our participating physicians and their staff. The case management becomes a two-way street, not a one-way street or a voice at the end of the telephone. The case manager develops a relationship with the physicians and the staff, provides them with useful services, becomes indispensable to them, becomes the voice of our organization, takes referrals and instructions from them, and becomes a member of the team. In this case, the care management in process does become truly collaborative."

— Dr. Randall Krakauer, Aetna's Medicare medical director

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Demonstrating the Value of the Embedded Case Manager

Excerpted from Demonstrating the Value of the Embedded Case Manager for the Medicare Population, a 45-minute webinar, during which Dr. Krakauer shared the strategy supporting Aetna's embedded case management initiative, along with results from the program including healthcare utilization and member satisfaction.

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