How To Strengthen Health Coaching-Physician Collaborations

10 Ways to Strengthen Health Coaching-Physician Collaborations

There’s a “confluence of influences bringing health coaching to the forefront” of healthcare delivery, observes Richard Botelho, MD, professor of family medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Dr. Botelho suggests 10 ways to foster successful collaborations between health coaching or disease management organizations and the provider community that enhances health outcomes and the quality of care delivery.

His suggestions include the following:

  • Establish a physician-patient-community advisory board about integrated health coaching.
  • Get provider-patient-community input about health coaching for program development.
  • Assess what practices need to promote and provide health coaching.
  • Create forums for the dialogue between providers and healthcare plans to improve performance of health coaching programs.
  • Provide payment to support out-of-visit health coaching.
  • Develop self-management support and health education materials that make work easier for providers and practices.
  • Tailor knowledge transfer strategies about integrated health coaching programs to practice sites.
  • Provide academic detailing to providers about health coaching programs.
  • Provide programs to support staff about workflow issues that support health coaching processes.
  • Provide data systems to track health coaching processes about outcomes.
  • Dr. Botelho, along with two other health coaching thought leaders, share these strategies and more including details on their models for incorporating health coaching into the primary care paradigm in Health Coaching in Primary Care: Persuading Physicians to Prescribe Behavior Change and Self-Efficacy.

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    Health Coaching in Primary Care: Persuading Physicians to Prescribe Behavior Change and Self-Efficacy

    In this 41-page special report, contributing presenters Dr. Botelho, Margaret Moore, CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation and Dr. Edward Phillips, director of outpatient medical services at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Network and assistant professor of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, describe how to leverage the trusted clinician relationship to reinforce behavior change. They provide details on:

    • Moving practitioners from "fixers" to "motivators";
    • Why healthy physicians don't automatically make the best coaches;
    • Teaching physicians to "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" without alienating patients;
    • Implementing blended learning methods to support a team approach to health coaching;
    • The 10 common mistakes health plans and disease management organizations make and 10 strategies to correct them;
    • Developing a culture of health promotion in a physician practice and the training effort to support it;
    • Two physician-training initiatives aimed at improving health promotion and disease prevention by physicians;
    • Rudiments of a Lifestyle Clinic;
    • and much more.

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