Featured Articles                                                                                     Sept. 2008, Vol. I, No. 5
Coaching Solution First to Tackle Binge Eating Disorder

HealthMedia, Inc. announced the first solution of its kind to address Americaís top eating disorder — binge eating — and its growing impact on healthcare costs and productivity. HealthMedia™ Overcoming® Binge Eating, a highly effective, evidence-based program, emulates the experience of an around-the-clock health coach, nutritionist and psychologist working together via the Web to help individuals regain control of their eating and emotions. An estimated 1 to 5 percent of the population suffer from binge eating disorders (BED). HealthMedia, Inc. is a pioneer in applying advanced technology to emulate a health coaching session via the Web for wellness, DM, behavioral health and medication adherence.

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Quotable: Defining Health Coaching

"Health coaching goes beyond just merely educating patients about their risk behaviors, conditions and health status. Itís really a patient-centered, guided approach in helping patients change their behaviors, self-manage their chronic conditions, manage their adherence to their negotiated action plans and achieve their goals for optimizing their health status — not just physically and psychologically, but also spiritually."
                                        — Dr. Rick Botelho, professor of family medicine at the URMC Family Medicine Center and author of Motivate Healthy Habits: Stepping Stones to Lasting Change

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Health Web Portal Offers "Time Off" Planning Service

What do you get when you add simplicity to health and wellness? Nationwide Better Health's new Web portal that provides users the opportunity to enroll in a variety of coach-supported and self-management health and wellness programs focused on weight management, nutrition, stress management, tobacco cessation and physical activity. It also provides users with access to its HRA, a time off planning service that provides users the ability to automatically report illnesses, personal days, leaves of absences, family emergencies (including family and medical leaves), vacations and more. Additionally, customers have the option of adding their own health and productivity services and resources so users have all of the information they need in one easy, convenient place.

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New Health Coaching Video: The Heart of the Healthcare Continuum

Two-thirds of major American companies offer health coaching to employees or soon will. Using the telephone or the Web, health coaches empower individuals to change unhealthy behaviors and self-manage diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other chronic condition. Learn how health coaching for chronic illness helps employers and health plans save millions in healthcare costs and motivates individuals to change unhealthy behaviors in this new video from HIN.

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Health Coach Calls: Handling a Resistant Client

Question: How do you handle a client who claims that they donít have a problem and resists the coaching process?

Response: When you evoke resistance, youíve lost the coaching relationship. While this isnít always the case, according to the motivational interviewing premise, sometimes the coach triggers the resistance. This, in turn, shuts down the possibility of a coaching partnership. Thereís a process around handling this, and it takes a lot of practice. My advice would be to say, ďOh, Iím so pleased that things are going well. Tell me about them.Ē With the people who are struggling, I continually ask whatís going well. Itís important to get on their side of the fence and acknowledge their strengths.

(Margaret Moore is CEO of Wellcoaches.)

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Fixing What Hurts: What's Working in Pain Management

Chronic pain can affect an individualís life in more than one way. For instance, pain can wound a patientís wallet at a cost of $500 to $30,000 annually. Pain can also create roadblocks in day-to-day life: Many chronic pain patients lose an average of 4.6 hours per week, which costs employers $61.2 billion annually. To relieve the physical and fiscal suffering associated with pain, many healthcare organizations have implemented pain management programs. To discover how these programs work and who is using them, HIN conducted a non-scientific online survey in April 2008. In response, 186 organizations, including hospitals, nursing homes and health plans, shared their experiences with pain management programs.

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