Fail-Safe Credentials for Hiring Health Coaches

Through our experience of hiring all different types of individuals to do
telephonic health coaching, we have arrived at some fail-safe credentials that
seem to have worked, according to Darcy Hurlbert, M.P.H., formerly the health
and wellness product specialist with Ceridian LifeWorks.

"The first thing that we look for are individuals with five or more years of
industry experience in a health and wellness or a related health coaching
field," she advises.

A bachelor’s degree is required to work for Ceridian, and a master’s is preferred.
Currently more than 50 percent of Ceridian's coaches have master’s degrees. They’re
registered dieticians, exercise physiologists, masters of public health, RNs, health
educators and licensed counselors.

Because of the different products that we coach on — tobacco cessation, weight
management, stress management and cardiovascular health — we find it helpful
to have a wide variety of educational backgrounds to select from, she said.
Also, coaches can learn skills from each other, so we do some crosstraining.

In recent years, we have noticed more coaching candidates that have a
combination of experience in clinical and behavior change expertise. For a long
time, I would look for individuals with either really strong clinical expertise that
through the interview process I identified as trainable for the behavior change
aspect or vice versa — really strong behavior change expertise candidates who
I viewed as trainable on the clinical side. We’re finding more and more that job
applicants are already coming to the table with that combination of clinical and
behavior change expertise. It is something to take into consideration because
they are very different areas of expertise, she explained.

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