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Wellcoaches Awarded Patent for Web-supported Coaching

Wellcoaches Corporation has been issued a U.S. broad business method patent for the invention of Internet supported personal coaching for health and well-being. Wellcoaches CEO Margaret Moore said the idea was conceived in 1999 "when it wasn’t obvious to use the Web for one-to-one interactions: using the Internet to enable large scale delivery of high quality one-to-one professional coaching for health and well-being." The patent issuance is significant and timely, as Google, Microsoft, Revolution Health, WebMD, health plans and others are introducing online PHRs. Today, health coaches and clients use the innovation to schedule real-time one-to-one coaching sessions, provide information on health-related concerns, agree in real time on clients' personal goals, and access and transmit health information, goals and progress.

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Quotable: Motivational Techniques

"One way we try to keep our participants in the program is by always focusing on their agenda. This makes them feel as if they’re in control and driving what's going on, rather than us lecturing them or giving them information that doesn’t interest them. We always try to meet them where they are. We also find connecting to their values is extremely important, and finding out what’s motivating them to make this change. If they don't make the change, what will their life be like? We determine what's important to them and how health plays a role in that."
                                        — Kerry Little, Duke University Medical Center

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Web-based Coaching Support for Depression and Bipolar Disorder

CIGNA's newest offering, Care Connections, provides person-to-person help so individuals can consult with a nurse using the CIGNA HealthCare 24-Hour Health Information Linesm or a CIGNA Health Advisor® personal health coach. This new way for people to get the most from their healthcare uses an online, personalized, intuitive, interactive and fully integrated approach. Available to individuals enrolled in CIGNA HealthCare plans via their personal myCIGNA.com Website, Care Connections delivers a self-contained and interactive step-by-step logical progression of information and decision support tools designed to lead to effective and efficient healthcare.

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Health Coaching ROI

Ted Borgstadt says it is possible to demonstrate solid ROI after coaching individuals on the verge of serious health issues. In this podcast, Borgstadt, TrestleTree founder and chairman, presents a case study on ROI for coaching individuals in pre-diseased states, talks about his organization's psychologist-led training in telephonic health coaching, and presents a four-point plan for evaluating a health coach's performance — one that can pinpoint an individual's movement in the stages of change in six goal areas.

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Health Coach Calls: The Challenges of Hiring Coaches

Question: What are the challenges of hiring and training a team of online coaches?

Response: (Sean Slovenski) An important part of the training is the initial screening. There’s a huge difference between phone calls and working online with someone. But there are subtle nuances. You need to find openness in a person. They must also possess some basic writing skills to ensure they’ll make the online leap quickly and easily. Therefore, it’s critical to spend time pre-screening people before deciding to train them.

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