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Sensei Inc. Transforms Mobile Phone into Virtual Weight Loss Coach

Sensei, Inc., a pioneer in mobile and Web-based wellness solutions, announced that iPhone and iPod Touch users can now download its innovative weight loss program, Sensei for Weight LossTM from Apple’s App Store. By transforming a mobile device into a “virtual weight loss coach,” Sensei for Weight Loss automatically delivers personalized meal plans, weekly shopping lists, fitness information and motivational messages to a user’s mobile phone display or personal Web page — similar to having your own nutritionist and health coach providing the right advice at the right time to make healthier choices. Sensei for Weight Loss, which leverages mobility by providing constant communication and support, was previously available on most BlackBerries, as well as most AT&T and Sprint mobile phones.

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Quotable: Driving Participation with Incentives

"The whole concept of incentives is a very critical one to understand for your population, but it’s also dangerous. The first question that arises is, ‘What do you do when you take that stimulus away?’ Is it truly behavior change, or is there a stimulus, and you’re only going to do something while the stimulus is there?"
                                        — Ted Borgstadt, co-founder and CEO of TrestleTree, Inc.

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Health Coaching Enrollment Grows

HealthFitness grew enrollment in its EMPOWEREDTM Health Coaching program by 280 percent, with 18,442 employees in 2008 actively engaged in changing behaviors. HealthFitness’ EMPOWERED Health Coaching is a behavioral-based program that ties to employee risks and engages individuals as they are ready to make lifestyle changes that improve their health and wellbeing. With EMPOWERED, each employee partners with one health coach for the duration of the program for ongoing support to change behaviors in 13 focus areas, which include physical activity, health eating and stress management.

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Health Coach Hiring
The health coaching resume looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago, explains Sean Slovenski, CEO and president of Hummingbird Coaching. Drawing upon his decade of experience in health coaching, he suggests key questions to ask during the coaching vetting process, shares a five-point strategy for ongoing health coach skill support and offers two true measures of success of a health coaching initiative.

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Health Coach Calls: Coaching Without a Coach

Question: Some health coaching companies offer Web-based health coaching programs that do not use a coach. What are the benefits of such programs? Which health behaviors and conditions will be targeted by this "coaching without a coach" approach?

Response: The "coaching without a coach" solution is very effective for multiple segments of the coaching population. With DM populations, this is a supplement and compliment to telephonic programs whereby members are interacting with a coach occasionally throughout the course of time on the phone. This is a supplement that allows individuals to track their activities and provides for additional forms of information and other tasks that provide support and interactions that are not possible through a telephonic experience. For the moderate- and low-risk populations that do not engage with a coach over the phone, this is very valuable as their primary means of engagement. In today’s society, people expect the opportunity to be able to have multiple touch points with any sort of experience. Everyone expects to have the ability to search and find information online. Current trends indicate that members now seek information online even more frequently than they seek going to their physician. The accessibility of the information as well as the different tools that are possible makes this an incredibly valuable option.

(Jennifer Hidding is director of interactive health management of consumer solutions at OptumHealth.)

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Save $10 on Health Coaching Benchmarks Through 2/28

A $1 investment in wellness yields a $3 ROI in healthcare cost savings, shows data from the Wellness Council of America, and in the current economic climate, healthcare execs can't afford to pass on any savings. So whether you're planning to launch a new health coaching program in the coming year or expanding an existing initiative, the key to success is access to reliable data to help you evaluate your program and compare performance and utilization data. "Health Coaching Benchmarks: Operations and Performance Data for Optimal Program ROI and Participant Health Status" is the one-of-a-kind resource you can use to see how your coaching program measures up to others and map out any necessary enhancements. HealthCoach Huddle readers can save $10 on this report through February 28 by entering coupon code HCH at checkout.

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Health Coaching Trends in 2009

When healthcare looks back upon 2008, it will no doubt remember a year that was all about the money sky-high fuel costs, a faltering economy and physician reimbursement worries. This summary of responses to HIN’s healthcare trends 2009 e-survey, conducted in the weeks leading to the election of Barack Obama as the country’s 44th president, captures the concerns of 169 healthcare organizations trying to run their businesses in the midst of a full-blown recession. This white paper also documents 53 of the most successful program ideas in 2008.

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