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Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine Offers Smokers Support

New Year's Day is the most popular day for adopting healthier habits, including quitting smoking. While quitting can be difficult, it can be done, and is easier to accomplish with professional support. Tennesseans have a much greater chance of quitting for good and achieving their New Year's resolution with help from the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine, a free cessation coaching service available to all adult state residents. The Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine offers personalized support for Tennessee residents who want to quit smoking and/or other tobacco products by connecting them with trained quit coaches to guide them through the quitting process. Callers will receive ongoing professional coaching via individually scheduled calls with a quit coach personally assigned to them. QuitLine callers also have complimentary access to relapse prevention techniques, printed resource materials, information on nicotine replacement therapies and other services to aid in the quitting process.

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Quotable: Key to Coaching

"Our health coaches are the key to a successful program. They motivate and listen, and provide structure, homework and education — all those things that help these individuals become more responsible."
                                        — Roger Reed, chief health officer at Gordian Health Solutions.

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Concentra, Wellsource Health Solutions to Provide Best-In-Class Health and Wellness Services

Wellsource Health Solutions will provide its full range of telephonic health coaching, online tools and HRAs, as a complement to Concentra’s on-site health and wellness initiatives. Wellsource Health Solutions will also provide certain elements for Concentra’s comprehensive health management program, TotalCare. Combining best-practice strategies to prevent disease and promote healthy lifestyles, Concentra TotalCare focuses on health education and employee engagement throughout the program with the help of Wellsource Health Solutions’ proven health coaching services. Wellsource Health Solutions will provide TotalCare participants with telephonic health coaching and other health improvement essentials, including motivational enhancement, ongoing monitoring of healthy lifestyle practices and support for program adherence. In particular, Wellsource Health Solutions provides Concentra TotalCare with its award-winning Wellsource® Personal Wellness ProfileTM (PWP). A thorough and scientifically-based HRA that motivates individuals to make improvements in their health and lifestyle while providing detailed aggregate reports to help companies lower their healthcare costs. The PWP was recently awarded the Health Information Products NCQA certification, one of the most recognized and demanding industry standards.

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Integrative Health Coaching
Integrative medicine includes the best of conventional medicine but expands the definition and focus of health to the person's body, mind, spirituality and community, explains Ruth Wolever, Ph.D., clinical health psychologist and director of research at Duke Integrative Medicine. Central to Duke's integrative health coaching program is mindfulness training and the "Wheel of Health" — a key to defining health and assessing the individual's readiness to change. Encouraging health coaches to implement their own personalized health plans allows them to "walk the talk" and empathize with the client's position.

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Health Coach Calls: Performance Evaluation

Question: Can you provide some examples of the measures you use to evaluate performance for telephonic coaching?

Response: For telephonic, we look at outcomes — quit rates, percent weight lost — metrics around that. We look at coach satisfaction, and we administer satisfaction surveys at three-month post-enrollment. We look at coach satisfaction, on-time rate and how many calls they are completing within the alloted number of days and on time within a 24-hour turnaround rule. We also use reach rate — how many individuals the coaches are able to successfully reach, and complete calls with. Those have been the core measures that we've looked at, along with record and quality assurance reviews by our clinical consultant.

(Darcy Hurlbert is a health and wellness product specialist at Ceridian LifeWorks.)

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Health Coaching Goes High Tech

Population health management experts know that a live support network is key to achieving lasting behavior change. With access to expert dieticians, nurses, exercise physiologists and health educators, enrollees are better equipped to achieve a healthier lifestyle. And with a hefty dose of advanced IT, employers should know that expert attention is available for just pennies per employee per day — with an ROI that far outweighs the cost.

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