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Health Coaching Evaluation:
Measuring the ROI on Healthcare Utilization and Costs

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:30-2:30 p.m. Eastern
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During Health Coaching Evaluation: Measuring the ROI on Healthcare Utilization and Costs, a 60-minute webinar on January 13, 2010, health coaching experts will discuss the challenges of evaluating and reporting on a health coaching ROI and how they are responding to these challenges.

You'll hear from Dr. Jim Reynolds, chief medical officer, Health Fitness Corporation and Dr. Elizabeth Rula, clinical research manager at the Center for Health Research at Healthways Inc., on:

  • Determining what to measure and how to measure it, looking at healthcare costs, healthcare claims, productivity measures, biometric measures and patient self-report;
  • Managing ROI for chronic illness versus changing pre-disease states;
  • Analyzing the impact of coaching methodology on ROI, from in-person to telephonic to online coaching;
  • Measuring coach performance and patient satisfaction in the ROI model; and
  • Aligning incentives to produce a health management ROI.

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