Health Coaching Benchmarks 2010 Edition

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Despite the economy and perhaps because of it health and wellness coaching programs are flourishing. Betting on behavior change, more employers, payors and providers are offering health coaching to their populations to rein in the escalating costs of chronic illness and head off avoidable utilization. Meanwhile, consumers are signing on to coaching in greater numbers in the hopes that by getting and staying healthy, they can reduce the growing share of healthcare costs they are being asked to bear.

Whether you're planning to launch a new health coaching program in the coming year or expanding an existing initiative, the key to success is access to reliable data to help you evaluate your program and compare performance and utilization data.

Health Coaching Benchmarks, 2010 Edition: Operations and Performance Data for Optimal Program ROI and Participant Health Status is the one-of-a-kind resource you can use to see how your coaching program measures up to others and map out any necessary enhancements.

An all-new follow-up to the best-selling 2009 Health Coaching Benchmarks, the 2010 edition is packed with actionable new data on health coaching activity, with the latest metrics on the prevalence of health coaching, favored delivery methods, targeted populations and lifestyle conditions, preferred behavior change models, coaching case loads and much, much more.

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This report answers many coaching metric FAQs:

  • How are individuals identified for coaching programs?
  • What is the optimal coaching case load?
  • What factors influence a coach's case load?
  • Which modality should be employed to deliver weight management, smoking cessation or stress management coaching?
  • How can an organization measure a client's engagement in and satisfaction with a health coaching program?
  • How can an organization measure ROI from health coaching?

Benefit from peers' experience and get recommendations, advice and year-over-year comparative data on:

  • Targeted populations for coaching;
  • Targeted health conditions for coaching;
  • Preferred coaching modalities telephonic, online and in-person;
  • Matching coaching modalities to participants' health conditions;
  • Enrollment trends eligibility, participation and completion rates;
  • Recommended coach caseloads by coaching modality and the factors that can influence this;
  • Suggested formulas for measuring ROI and program effectiveness;

and much more, including expanded data from the second annual HIN Industry Survey on Health and Wellness Coaching. More than 200 healthcare organizations report on current and future coaching initiatives, resulting in data on:

  • The numbers of hospitals, health plans and employers offering health coaching today and those with coaching programs in the wings;
  • Health conditions most frequently targeted by health coaching programs;
  • Coaching modalities and health IT in use by respondents;
  • Preferred behavior change models;
  • Preferred coaching promotion models;
  • Impact of coaching on healthcare cost, health risk and individual health status;
  • Frank commentary on what's working in health coaching and the greatest challenges associated with launching a coaching program.

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Drilling down to coaching trends for specific lifestyle conditions weight management, smoking cessation and stress management and by industry sector, the newly created 2010 report supplements this data with more than 40 easy-to-follow graphs and tables. This annual industry snapshot is once again enhanced by observations and advice from industry thought leaders on common coaching concerns evaluating coaching ROI, using technology to engage patients in behavior change, tips for more effective coaching, and more.

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