2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments

Combined with other 'big data' analytics, aggregate results from health risk assessments or health risk appraisals become the building blocks of population health management programs designed to bend the healthcare cost curve. Employers, payors and providers use HRAs to take the clinical temperature of the populations they serve and develop appropriate prevention and self-management interventions.

In recent months, some have questioned the use of HRAs to probe individuals about lifestyle risk factors such as divorce or financial loss, citing a potential privacy violation. While the controversy continues, eligibility for HRAs now extends beyond employees and health plan members to spouses, significant others and in many cases, dependents over 18.

HRA participation tied to health insurance premiums is also a growing trend.

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments documents these trends and many others with a wealth of actionable information from more than 120 healthcare organizations on their use of HRAs.

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This 60-page resource provides metrics and measures on current and planned HRA initiatives as well as lessons learned and results from successful health assessment programs.

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This exclusive report analyzes the responses of more than 100 healthcare organizations to HIN's October 2013 Industry Survey on Health Risk Assessments, presenting the data in nearly 60 easy-to-follow graphs and tables.

The industry snapshot is enhanced with guidance from industry thought leaders on the necessity of health risk assessment and stratification prior to launching a population health management program.

The 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments provides detailed data from all respondents and drills down to health plan- and hospital/health system-only views on:

  • Current and planned health risk assessment programs;
  • Populations and health conditions targeted by HRAs;
  • Eligibility requirements, drilling down to significant others and dependents over 18;
  • Areas covered by health risk assessments, including lifestyle risk factors, health perceptions, readiness to change, and more;
  • Trends in mandatory vs. optional HRA completion and penalties for non-completion;
  • The use of incentives — including eligibility for incentives, types of incentives employed and rewards for repeat participation;
  • HRA data inputs and outputs, including the integration of HRA data with EHRs, PHRs and other health IT;
  • Health assessment delivery methods and HRA completion rates;
  • The top five uses for HRA data;
  • The impact of HRAs on healthcare cost, utilization, wellness program enrollment, health outcomes and ROI;
  • Lessons learned from program development and administration;
  • The complete October 2013 Health Risk Assessment survey tool;
and much more.

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