2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management

Case managers working inside patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations are becoming bigger players in primary care.

About half of healthcare organizations embed or co-locate case managers at points of care, according to new market research by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN).

For the first time, HIN has compiled a collection of metrics and benchmarks on embedded case managers and their impact on healthcare outcomes, utilization and spend. 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management provides actionable information from a cross-section of healthcare organizations whose case managers work within a primary care practice, nursing home or other point of care.

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Presented in dozens of easy-to-follow graphs and tables, this report contains the following data:

  • Prevalence of embedded case management programs;
  • A roster of embedded case management duties as well as priority functions of the embedded case managers;
  • Work locations and average case loads of embedded case managers;
  • The challenges and benefits of colocation;
  • The most effective tools, protocols and work flows in use by embedded case managers in the respondents' own words.
  • Populations and conditions targeted by embedded case managers;
  • Tools and strategies to identify patients most in need of the embedded case manager's assistance;
  • Tactics to evaluate the performance of embedded case managers and program impact;
  • The impact of embedded case management on healthcare utilization, member/patient satisfaction and ROI;
  • The complete January 2012 Embedded Healthcare Case Management survey tool;
  • and much more.

This report also delivers commentary from adopters of embedded case management, including Aetna, Bon Secours Health Systems and CDPHP. These early adopters report that embedded case management results in more efficient and higher quality care coordination of high-risk patients and health plan members who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

These case manager-provider partnerships also enrich the relationship between patient and physician and put another face on care management.

The metrics in the 30-page 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management are derived from data provided by the 51 percent of respondents to the 2012 Healthcare Case Management survey who reported they are currently embedding or co-locating case managers at points of care. This benchmarks report, now in its third year, also documents the latest case management activity in areas of health coaching and discharge planning, and describes in respondents' own words their most successful case management interventions, partnerships and collaborations and planned program expansions. Click here for more information on the 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Case Management.

This industry snapshot is enhanced with commentary from thought leaders in healthcare case management who have shared details on embedded case management programs over the last year, including Aetna, Bon Secours Health System, CDPHP, and others.

The 30-page 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Embedded Case Management is part of the HIN Healthcare Benchmarks series, which provides continuous qualitative data on industry trends to empower healthcare companies to assess strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve by comparing organizational performance to reported metrics.

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