2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Plans

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Plans

Detailed evidence-based care plans that follow high-risk patients through clinical episodes and transitions of care help these patients and their providers assess the level of care needed, evaluate services available and empower patients with goals of care, a strategy that impacts quality, outcomes and patient experience and engagement.

2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Plans2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Plans examines care plan utilization strategies and successes from more than 75 healthcare organizations responding to the November 2015 Care Plan survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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This 40-page report assembles hundreds of metrics on care plan implementation from hospitals, health plans, physician practices and other responding organizations, offering a comprehensive look at care plan components, data sharing, challenges, impacts and ROI.

Breaking down findings by high-responding industry sectors, this report includes the following data points:

  • Usage of care plans to provide personalized instruction and feedback to patients;
  • Criteria used to identify patients in need of care plans;
  • Maintenance and distribution of care plans;
  • Common elements of care plans, including medication, self-care goals, nutrition, family support and others;
  • Duration of care plan tracking;
  • Health professional with primary responsibility for ensuring care plan adherence;
  • Best measure of plan adherence and frequency of care plan adherence tracking;
  • Health condition presenting the most significant care plan challenge;
  • Most significant barriers to and challenges of care plans;
  • Most effective process, tool or workflow in care plan administration;
  • Effect of care plans on healthcare utilization, patient satisfaction and activation, value-based reimbursement and other metrics;
  • ROI from utilization of care plans;
  • The complete November 2015 Care Plan survey tool;
and much more.

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This benchmark report is designed to meet business and planning needs of health plans, health coaching and disease management, case management, managed care organizations, physician organizations, health systems, and others by providing critical benchmarks for care plan utilization.

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