Care Plans: High-Risk Health Markers,
Care Transitions Trigger Planning Effort

Care Plans in 2016: High-Risk Health Markers, Care Transitions Trigger Planning EffortDetailed evidence-based care plans that follow high-risk patients through episodes and transitions of care help these individuals and their providers assess the necessary level of care, evaluate available services and empower patients with goals of care, impacting care quality and health outcomes and enhancing patient experience and engagement.

A majority of healthcare organizations—83 percent—incorporate care plans into value-based healthcare delivery systems, according to a survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network, with more than half of remaining respondents planning to do so in the coming year.

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This white paper is an excerpt from 2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Plans, which examines care plan utilization strategies and successes from more than 75 healthcare organizations responding to the Care Plan survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. This 40-page report assembles hundreds of metrics on care plan implementation from hospitals, health plans, physician practices and other responding organizations, offering a comprehensive look at care plan components, data sharing, challenges, impacts and ROI. For more information, click here:

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