ABC's of Healthcare 2014:
Accountability, Bundled Payments and Consolidation

Rationalizations for the poorly performing ObamaCare Web site aside, Steven Valentine's advice during HIN's tenth annual Healthcare Trends & Forecasts program underscores the accountability factor in value-based healthcare.

There really aren't any more excuses for poor clinical outcomes or wasteful spending not with the proliferation of evidence-based, patient-centered care models and tools to track population health, explained Valentine.

Accountability is part of the Triple Aim mentality that pervades the industry and colored predictions by both Valentine, president of The Camden Group, and Catherine Sreckovich, managing director in the healthcare practice at Navigant, during HIN's tenth annual Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2014 Strategic Planning Session. Predictions by these industry thought leaders on the care delivery and reimbursement strategies to watch in the year ahead bolster the notion that big data, risk-stratified accountable care and performance-based reimbursement are here to stay.

Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2014 Strategic Planning Session

Accountability also extends to new models of care delivery the medical neighborhood, an amped-up version of the patient-centered medical home that pulls specialists, care coordinators and community linkages into the care continuum, or the "Team Approach, One Member at a Time" population health management philosophy of Kaiser Permanente, which Valentine hailed as "the poster child for the Obama administration as to what an ACO might look like."

Ms. Sreckovich, examining the healthcare year ahead for payors, concurs with Valentine on the potential of the ACO, but also cautioned that as with other shared savings models (bundled payments and patient-centered medical homes, for example) there are hurdles to ACO implementation that remain, including their high setup cost. "Organizations have to have the right resources, staff, time, money, etc., to meet their accountability targets," she said.

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