Guide to Reducing Readmissions

To avoid leaving reimbursement money on the table, healthcare organizations are
working hard to reduce avoidable rehospitalizations, especially among Medicare
patients. Healthcare reform legislation provides further motivation by offering
incentives for programs that improve the efficiency and affordability of the
healthcare system. Guide to Reducing Readmissions

The Guide to Reducing Readmissions examines eight
top tactics that healthcare organizations are using to
reduce readmissions, according to responses to the
Healthcare Intelligence Network 2010 survey on Reducing
Readmissions. Learn how early adopters are utilizing
these tactics to empower patients and improve the
quality of healthcare delivery.

The Guide to Reducing Readmissions incorporates the
best practices, strategies and innovations that top
healthcare organizations are using to prevent
avoidable rehospitalizations.

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Guide to Reducing Readmissions

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Guide to Reducing Readmissions

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