Guide to Population Health Management

Guide to Population Health Management

The continuum-spanning approach of population health management from keeping the healthy 'healthy' to coordinating care for complex patients and those with advanced illness supports the widely embraced Triple Aim of healthcare.

According to 2012 HIN market data, 58 percent of healthcare companies are taking a population-based approach to health management. Nationwide, case managers, health coaches and primary care providers are being engaged in PHM programs nationwide.

The Guide to Population Health Management

The Guide to Population Health Management lays the groundwork for a PHM program, providing a comprehensive set of 2012 PHM benchmarks from 102 companies as well as strategic advice from early adopters of a PHM approach.

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It also offers a primer in PHM, an advanced case study in the use of analytics in PHM, and an examination of PHM tools at work in the accountable care organization (ACO), a new value-based healthcare delivery model that has emerged post-ACA.

Additionally, acknowledging the essential contribution of technology to a PHM initiative, this 130-page guide takes a deep dive in the use of patient registries, demystifying registry use and identifying patient registry best practices, including using registry data to identify gaps in care, steps to improve accuracy and completeness of registry data, and the evolving role of patient registries in delivering accountable care.

Answers to more than 40 critical FAQs on population health management are provided.

  • Chapter 1: 2012 Benchmarks in Population Health Management

  • Chapter 2: Profiting from Population Health Management: Applying Analytics in Accountable Care

  • Chapter 3: Population Health Management Tools for ACOs: Technologies and Tactics to Support Accountable Care

Applying the best practices contained in the Guide to Population Health Management will help healthcare companies to better identify, manage and reduce health risk in the populations they serve.

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