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Healthcare Business Weekly Update provides health management executives with in-depth analysis of health business news in Disease Management, HIPAA, e-Health, Reimbursement, Compliance, Coding and much more! Each week the Healthcare Business Weekly update covers stories in behavioral health, hospital and health system management, healthcare industry/managed care, health law and regulation, and long-term care. The Healthcare Business Weekly Update also keeps you informed on the latest publications HIN has to offer.

Disease Management Update provides weekly updates of news articles on disease management. In addition, we'll provide you with links to white papers and case studies on disease management. The Disease Management Desktop also links you to some of the top resources used by healthcare executives responsible for disease management.

Healthcare Buyer's Connection is a bi-monthly email newsletter for buyers and sellers of healthcare products and services. The Buyer's Connection newsletter highlights news on trends in healthcare purchasing and marketing and recommends reading for keeping up-to-date on e-commerce. Each issue provides you with an introduction to selected companies in the areas of Clinical Laboratories, Consultants, Executive Search Firms, Financial Services, Healthcare Lawyers, Home Health Agencies, Human Resources, Information Technology, Mailing Lists, Managed Care Organizations, Medical Products, Pharmaceutical Companies and Publications.

Health Management Career Center Update is a free bi-monthly email newsletter for healthcare management professionals seeking new career opportunities and healthcare organizations that are seeking to fill health management positions within their companies. This free newsletter gives you tips on filling job openings, salary advice, and trends in health management careers. The Career Center update also features a selection of current job postings and situations wanted.

HIPAA Heads Up is a free weekly email newsletter that will keep you informed on HIPAA strategies, implementation, resources and the latest news articles available at The HIPAA Desktop. The HIPAA Desktop provides access to online news articles on HIPAA, links to some of the web's top HIPAA resources and a list of "best-selling" resources that healthcare executives are using in their efforts to comply with the HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare B2B Online Marketing Report is a free monthly email newsletter now being offered by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. This new resource covers tips and strategies for online healthcare marketing -- designing banner ads for optimum click thru rates, successful online marketing campaigns and lessons learned. You'll also get the statistics you need to back up your online marketing efforts -- banner ad versus opt-in email newsletter click thru rates, the impact of online advertising on web traffic, where the dollars are being spent and cost per lead rates.

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