Despite tight budgets at the state and federal levels, millions of dollars in health-related grants will still be available this year. But whether local health service providers can tap into these funds will largely depend on several key issues and important factors that are thoroughly explored in Finding Funding for Health Programs in a Down Economy, an audio conference on CD or available in MP3 format.

Get the inside track on healthcare-related funding that is available right now, as well as what to expect in the weeks and months ahead. Don't be misled by mainstream media reports suggesting that federal budgetary cutbacks will eliminate any chance you have of capturing that all-important grant funding. There is money in the federal funding pipeline and from many private sources. The trick is to know where to find it.

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You'll learn about:

  • Federal and private funding sources for a wide array of health-related programs and services, including insights into major corporate funders;
  • The outlook for discretionary grant funding through the Public Health and Prevention Fund. Under the Affordable Care Act, it could receive up to $1 billion for state and community grant opportunities, but the upcoming Congressional debate over appropriations and deficit reduction will play a key role in determining what will be available;
  • The administration's discretionary grant priorities for FY 2012 -- what's new, what remains the same;
  • Measures taken by federal agencies aimed at changing how the discretionary grant application process works -- including the impact on health-related grants;
  • How funding can be obtained for programs involving both health and social services;
  • Available health funding being distributed by states -- what you should do to ensure your organization has a seat at the table when those funds are allocated.

Our presenters for this event are David Kittross, a 30-year veteran grants specialist and former editor of Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor, now editor-in-chief of Community Health Funding Report, the continually updated news service focusing exclusively on funding sources for the healthcare sector; and CD Publications editorial director and long-time Washington press corps veteran Jim Rogers.

We'll show you how to:

  • Recognize what funding opportunities will be available and when;
  • Craft compelling and successful grant applications;
  • Ensure your staff is familiar with key grant application tips and techniques -- and common errors;
  • Gain the inside track with state and federal program officials;
  • Establish effective partnering relationships
  • And so much more!

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