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Health Coach Hiring, Training and ROI: Profiting from Behavior Change

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From a strong industry commitment to population health management to the incentives and grants for wellness and prevention built into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there's never been a business climate more conducive to health coaching.

Health Coach Hiring, Training and ROI: Profiting from Behavior Change provides a blueprint for staffing and supporting a successful health coaching program as well as measuring and maximizing the behavioral, health and financial outcomes that result.

This 45-page special report from the Healthcare Intelligence Network provides strategies for the screening, hiring, training, mentoring, certification and continued educational support of health coaches, as well as metrics for evaluating the success of an online, telephonic or in-person coaching effort and maximizing program ROI.

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Existing and planned health coaching programs will benefit from the advice and experience of the following health coaching and population health veterans:
  • Darcy Hurlbert, health and wellness product specialist, Ceridian Lifeworks, who provides the program framework for Ceridian's virtual coaching network; Dr. Jim Reynolds, chief medical officer, Health Fitness Corporation, on the key indicators to follow during the program measurement period and tips for maximizing client engagement;
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rula, principal investigator of Health Outcomes Research at Healthways Inc., who contributes formulas and time frames for calculating ROI and how incentives can contribute to coaching profitability; and
  • Sean Slovenski, CEO and president of Hummingbird Coaching, on the specialized training and support required to operate a private Web-based coaching portal for clients to interact with their coach.

These thought leaders provide essential strategies for:

  • Determining the appropriate skill sets for health coaches;
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of various certifications, education and background experience for effective coaches;
  • Accounting for hiring differences for online, in-person or telephonic health coaches;
  • Employing interviewing techniques that uncover the skill sets you need;
  • Learning from past hiring experiences on what makes a good hire;
  • The most important factors to consider in the hiring process;
  • Determining what to measure and how to measure it, looking at healthcare costs, healthcare claims, productivity measures, biometric measures and patient self-report;
  • Managing ROI for chronic illness versus changing pre-disease states;
  • Analyzing the impact of coaching methodology on ROI, from in-person to telephonic to online coaching;
  • Measuring coach performance and patient satisfaction in the ROI model;
  • Aligning incentives to produce a health management ROI; and much, much more, including responses to more than 30 questions on key coaching areas, from coaching salary ranges to recommended training hours to ideal time frames for ROI assessment and improving client engagement in coaching programs.
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