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Depression Management Benchmarks:
Trends in Integration of Behavioral
and Physical Health

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Depression Management Benchmarks: Trends in Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health provides actionable information from 260 organizations on their progress in targeting depression in disease management plus lessons learned from early adopters of an integrated approach to mental and physical health. As healthcare reform unfolds, organizations will benefit from a review of these industry metrics and measurements to evaluate and plan programs and compare performance and utilization data.

10% Discount This exclusive report analyzes the responses of 260 healthcare organizations to HIN's 2008 Industry Survey on Depression Management, presenting the data in more than 20 easy-to-follow graphs and tables.

This industry snapshot is enhanced by an update on evidence-based approaches to integration of primary care and behavioral health from Laura Galbreath, director of policy and advocacy for the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (NCCBH) and Liz Reardon, president of Reardon Consulting and former managed care director for Vermont Medicaid.

This report provides expanded data on:

  • Sector-by-sector breakdown of healthcare organizations offering depression programs today;
  • Trends in integrated vs. standalone programs;
  • Targeted populations and average duration of interventions;
  • Strategies for improving quality of care for individuals with depression;
  • Accepted methods of participant identification;
  • Preferred depression screening tools;
  • Formats and modalities for program delivery;
  • Key educational, clinical and IT components of programs;
  • Emerging trends in reimbursement, screening and community partnerships to extend reach of depression management programs;
  • The number of organizations that will launch programs in the next year;
  • Frank commentary on what's working in depression management, as well as the challenges and benefits of program development, launch and evaluation;
  • The impact of depression management programs on healthcare utilization, member/patient satisfaction and ROI;

and much more, including examples of programs that have successfully integrated behavioral and physical health and guidelines from the NCCBH on addressing the full health of individuals being served in mental health systems, promoting wellness and its "10 x 10" initiative making sure that the healthcare industry is taking action to prevent and reduce early mortality among those with severe and persistent mental illness by 10 years over the next 10-year period.

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