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Physician Engagement Set:
Tools and Strategies to Get Reluctant Physicians on Board

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When launching cost-saving or quality improvement efforts, healthcare payors and providers often fail to consider one major factor: the resistance they are almost certain to encounter from their medical staffs.

Physician Engagement Set
In our two-volume Physician Engagement Set, Bringing Doctors On Board: Cultivating Physician Leaders and Reducing Pushback and Reaching Reluctant Physicians: Forging Organizational Trust and Collaboration, industry experts describe theories and strategies for physician engagement and offer insider tips for achieving the ultimate goal: physician buy-in for program success.
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Regularly, $173.40, you'll save even more this month when you order these essentials guide for any organization that seeks to engage physicians.

You'll get details on:
  • Tools and strategies to motivate physicians;
  • Keys to physician engagement;
  • Creating physician alignment through marketing;
  • Physician engagement strategies ranging from democratic and open forums to workshops, new technology, pay for performance (PFP) and incentive programs; and
  • How to create trust and alignment between management and physicians.

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