Healthcare Infographics, September 25, 2013
September 25, 2013 Volume I, No. 25

  1. Healthcare’s Future — Are Some Physicians Getting Left Behind?

  2. The Cost of Duplicate Medical Records and Overlays in Healthcare

  3. Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

  4. Sick! Epidemic of Chronic Diseases

  5. Healthcare Online

  6. The Future of E-Learning in Healthcare

  7. The Building Blocks of Healthcare Exchanges

  8. The Intersection of Healthcare and IT

  9. How Climate Change Will Affect Healthcare

  10. Will Google Glass Revolutionize Healthcare?

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HINfographic: New Players on the Value-Based Healthcare Team

HINfographic: New Players on the Value-Based Healthcare Team

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Mobile Health

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Managing Population Health with Integrated Registries and Effective Patient Touchpoints

Jim Bellows, PhD, senior director of evaluation and analytics at Kaiser Permanente:

"We're trying to address our members' entire range of health needs — mind, body and spirit. That's an important backdrop to our work in managing population health because that brings us into spaces where it's not only about managing chronic conditions or exacerbations of those conditions, it's about managing health behaviors and supporting our members in health behavior change." Watch the webinar today or order a training DVD or CD-ROM.