Healthcare Infographics, February 11, 2016

February 11, 2016   Volume III, No. 26
Sponsored by: Medication Management: Using Clinical Pharmacists To Complete Comprehensive Drug Therapy Management Post Discharge in High-Risk Patients

During this archived webinar from February 2016, Rebecca Bean, director, population health pharmacy, Novant Health, shared her organizationís medication management approach and why a clinical pharmacist is key to the programís success. Reducing preventable readmissions topics include stratification criteria, components and timing, common barriers and cross-continuum alignment strategies. Click here to order or obtain more information.

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  1. Infographic: Patient-Driven Healthcare Through Mobile Technology

  2. Infographic: Chronic Care Management's Path to Patient-Centered Care Coordination

  3. Metric: Which Patient Level Activities Are Remotely Monitored?

  4. Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Condition Management: Leveraging Technology in a Value-Based System

  5. Infographic: Data Analytics Improve Outcomes

  6. Infographic: IoT and Patient Engagement

  7. 2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Data Analytics and Integration

  8. Infographic: Revenue Opportunities in Chronic Care Management

  9. Infographic: Technology Use, Prices Drive High U.S. Healthcare Costs

  10. Medicare Chronic Care Management Billing: Evidence-Based Workflows to Maximize CCM Revenue

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