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Press Release: Episodes of Care Improve Clinical
Outcomes and Reduce Total Cost of Care

Press Release
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Sea Girt NJ USA -- March 14, 2016: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ) has awarded $3 million to 51 specialty medical practices as part of a shared savings arrangement through the company's Episodes of Care (EOC) program. The doctors, in five different specialty areas, earned the payments by achieving quality, cost efficiency and patient satisfaction goals in 2014 while treating more than 8,000 Horizon BCBSNJ members.

Episodes of Care: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Reducing Total Cost of Care Through a Collaborative Payor-Provider RelationshipAs the largest commercial payor of Episodes of Care in the United States, Horizon BCBSNJ recently reported far lower hospital readmission rates and improved clinical outcomes for members in its EOC practices versus non-EOC practices in 2014:

  • 100 percent fewer hospital re-admissions for Knee Arthroscopy;
  • 37 percent fewer hospital re-admissions for Hip Replacement;
  • 22 percent fewer hospital re-admissions for Knee Replacement; and
  • 32 percent reduction in unnecessary Pregnancy C-Sections.

During Episodes of Care: Improving Clinical Outcomes and Reducing Total Cost of Care Through a Collaborative Payor-Provider Relationship, a March 31, 2016 webinar at 1:30 p.m. Eastern, Lili Brillstein, director of the Horizon EOC program, will share the details behind the health plan's EOC program, from the episodes they have bundled to the goals and results from the program.

Register for the webinar today or order your training DVD or CD:

You will learn:

  • Why Horizon BCBSNJ uses a retrospective, upside only model for its EOC program and how this is leading to a transformational change between the payor and the providers in its network;
  • How Horizon BCBSNJ determines which episodes, as well as which providers to include in the EOC program, including details on how smaller practices can form virtual groups to gain enough scale to participate and which episodes are high on the radar for EOC in 2016;
  • The goals of the EOC program and which key financial, quality and patient satisfaction indicators Horizon BCBNJ measures; and
  • The results to-date from the EOC program as well as the keys to the program's success.

You can "attend" this program right in your office. It's so convenient! Invite your staff members to participate in the conference. We will send you a login to access the webinar or a DVD or CD-ROM of the conference proceedings once it's available for shipping.

You'll also have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered by Lili Brillstein during the interactive question and answer session. You'll get answers to your episodes of care questions and challenges.

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