Three Principle Goals for an ED Case Management Program

Three Principle Goals for an ED Case Management Program

Emergency department case managers serve three principle goals in a comprehensive case management program, says Toni Cesta, senior vice president of operational efficiency and capacity management at Lutheran Medical Center. ED case managers can make sure that the right patients are admitted to inpatient beds, assist in reducing readmissions and provide for alternatives to admission when appropriate.

By meeting all of these goals, ED case managers can have a bottom line impact on a hospital by ensuring that the hospital is appropriately reimbursed, Cesta added.

Cesta shared with participants in this month's webinar Embedded Case Managers in the Emergency Department, how an ED case management program can reduce commercial admission denials, assure compliance for medical necessity, facilitate and initiate care and improve clinical documentation.

In case you missed this webinar, you still have a chance to hear this highly-rated program.

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You will get details on:

  • Staffing the ED for effective case management;
  • Integrating case management and social work;
  • Decreasing number of visits by "high utilization" patients and in-patient length of stay; and
  • Measuring success.

You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to hear how case managers should prioritize which patients to see when faced with a high volume in the ED, how to work with physicians on criteria for admisssions, which skill sets are essential for an ED case manager, how to audit and evaluate an ED case management program and what steps to take to create an ED culture accepting of an embedded case manager.

Here's what participants said about the program:

"Excellent information...covered everything we wanted to know," said Linda Webber, Director of Case Management with Flagler Hospital.

"Helpful ideas to use....several ideas to implement," according to another participant from a hospital case management department.

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