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An embedded case manager in the hospital emergency room is becoming a
critical element in a hospitalís case management program. The embedded
case manager is the first line of defense in determining medical
necessity and can be instrumental in reducing the number of claim
denials for a hospital.

During Embedded Case Managers in the Emergency Department, a
60-minute program on November 3rd, Toni Cesta, senior vice president
of operational efficiency and capacity management at Lutheran Medical
Center, will explore how to effectively structure an ED-based case
management program and the potential impacts of an embedded case
manager in the ED.

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You will learn:

  • How to identify the ED patients that would benefit the most
    from case management interventions;
  • The most effective ways to staff ED case managers and social works;
  • The role of the RN case manager and social worker in the ED;
  • The clinical and financial benefits of ED case management; and
  • Complying with regulatory requirements for ED case management.

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With strained hospital budgets, it can be hard to make the business case
for a case manager in the ED, but with increasing numbers of claims
denials for hospital admissions and RAC audits for the medical
necessity of an admission, the ED case manager is integral to a
successful hospital case management program.

Don't miss this important event to learn the best practices for an
ED case management program.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network