Developing Physician Leaders for Successful Clinical Integration

The changes coming from health reform legislation, cost reduction, work redesign, growth in physician employment, greater consumer involvement, the introduction of ACOs, and the emphasis on value-based purchasing are having a profound and long-term impact on healthcare. Clinical integration is a must, and inclusion of physician leaders is essential for successful clinical integration. For healthcare organizations to maximize their potential during this transition, effective physician leadership is needed more than ever.

Unlike other physician leadership books, Developing Physician Leaders for Successful Clinical Integration is an intensified examination of the development of clinically integrated organizations and the significantly expanded physician leadership role within them.

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Together Carson Dye, FACHE, executive search consultant with Witt/Keifer, and Jacque Sokolov, MD, chairman and chief executive of SSB Solution, Inc., evaluate multiple clinically integrated organizations, clinical models, business models, and techniques to involve physicians to a greater degree. They also offer insights and suggestions on the cutting-edge topic of clinical integration and explore in detail the role physician leadership will play in the future.

Themes include:

  • Making physicians key stakeholders in the clinical transformation, business modeling, and strategy development;
  • Identifying physicians who have a propensity for leadership;
  • Understanding the difference between management and leadership;
  • Addressing issues physicians face as they make the transition from clinical roles to leadership positions;
  • Embracing clinical integration — why this new entity calls for greater physician leadership and how to build a successful clinically integrated organization;
  • Learning from case studies and practical approaches;
  • Creating leadership development programs with an emphasis on the experiential side of leader development; and
  • Examining the significant impact of physician leadership derailment as compared with other leaders

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