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Compliance. Protection. Recovery. A Layered Approach to Computer Security for Healthcare Organizations

Compliance. Protection. Recovery
The widespread adoption of EHR and laptop computers makes data protection an increasing concern. This paper outlines a multilayered approach to computer security – complementing encryption with the ability to track laptops off the network, recover missing laptops, and remotely delete sensitive data – to ensure the highest standard of protection. See how this multi-layered approach can be implemented and the benefits it provides.

Bellin Health: Living Quality Improvement Everyday

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Enterprise Single Sign-On
In 2005, Bellin Health’s measurement control system had over 250 system-level quality indicators. Many of these indicators also were reported at the department-level and on varying schedules (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). For example, compliance with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines on health care hand hygiene was measured across the entire system, the care center level (e.g., invasive clinical services, heart and vascular services) and the department level where actionable improvement plans could be developed to address the specific departmental environment. Discover how Bellin revamped this system with one that provided reports that were timely, directed to the right audience, readily available, and delivered in a format that was accessible to a variety of users.

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Enterprise Single Sign-On

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Enterprise Single Sign-On: March 2008
To achieve HIPAA compliance, organizations must adopt and enforce several policies, processes and procedures. Although enterprise single sign-on solutions can help with these initiatives, the technologies, capabilities, costs and requirements of ESSO solutions vary greatly. Learn how the successful implementation of Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESS) can support not only the HIPAA compliance requirements for technical, administrative and physical safeguard standards and but can also provide workflow advantages.

Winning HSA Customers Online: Customer Experience Benchmarks And Best Practices

Online Healthcare Benchmarks
According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, only 19% of employees who were able to choose their healthcare plan chose a consumer-directed plan. Those already enrolled in such a plan often report low satisfaction and confusion about how the plan works. Companies offering these plans can do a better job at communicating what HSAs and HDHPs are, how they work, and why the consumer should be enrolled in one. Learn how to provide this information and get consumers started easily and quickly.

Five Common VPN Security Mistakes

Avoiding Common VPN Mistakes
Learn about the most common vpn security mistakes companies make when deploying and managing VPN and endpoint security solutions. The goal of this information is to help companies avoid costly errors and offer a hassle-free remote access solution for companies requiring VPN technology. Click here to download this white paper.

The New Threat: Attackers That Target Healthcare Organizations (And what you can do about it)

The New Threat: Attackers That Target Healthcare Organizations
Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are facing a new threat. They’re being targeted by financially motivated attackers that steal and sell valuable data -- including identities -- and computing resources. Armed with sophisticated tools, attackers exploit countless software vulnerabilities that exist in the multitude of systems a provider relies upon, including web-based applications such EHR/EMR systems. The consequences of an attack can include reductions in quality of care, service disruptions, reduced revenues, higher operating costs, and regulatory fines. Current security approaches, including network or perimeter defenses, do not adequately protect against the new threat, and can be bypassed. Click here to download this white paper.

Medical Tourism: Implications for Participants in the US Health Care System

Medical Tourism
Medical tourism presents opportunities and threats for health plans, employers, pharmaceutical and device companies, providers, payers and patients. Those who understand the emerging market will be well-positioned to take the initiative and to benefit as the field evolves. The industry is still in a very early stage – and significant changes will transpire over the next few years. The purpose of this white paper is to lay out the issues that US players should begin addressing now and to provide the context in which to evaluate them. Medical Tourism Issues to Consider.

Driving Improvements in Health Coaching Outcomes Through Physician Collaboration and Coordination

Dr. Edward Phillips
In the Institute of Lifestyle Management's online program to teach physicians the basics of health coaching, the virtual patient is a doctor himself, explains Dr. Edward Phillips, founder and director of the institute. Physicians who have completed this training say the background enhances their relationships with patients and relieves stress, since it helps them accept that they are not directly responsible for patients' poor health choices. Dr. Phillips, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School where the institute is based, hopes this subject will one day be covered thoroughly in medical schools. And his message to health plans seeking improved health coaching outcomes: engage the physician in the process, because as the person "sitting knee to knee" with the patient, the physician is ideally positioned to help the patient process all health messages. Click here to listen to Dr. Phillips' comments.

The Role of Retail Clinics in the Healthcare Continuum: Creating Strategies and Partnerships To Meet Consumers' Demand

Dr. Steven Goldberg
Dr. Steven Goldberg, corporate medical director at Humana, which includes MinuteClinic in its provider network, discusses the impact retail clinics have had on reducing non-emergent ED use and the overall cost of healthcare, shares some feedback his organization is getting from members now that they have the option of visiting a retail clinic in place of their primary care physician, and offers some advice to health plans contemplating the inclusion of clinics in its network. Click here to listen to Dr. Goldberg's comments.