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Online Healthcare: Benchmarks for Assessing Effectiveness, Trust, Outcomes and Perceptions of Cost

Online Healthcare Benchmarks
According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, only 19% of employees who were able to choose their healthcare plan chose a consumer-directed plan. Those already enrolled in such a plan often report low satisfaction and confusion about how the plan works. Companies offering these plans can do a better job at communicating what HSAs and HDHPs are, how they work, and why the consumer should be enrolled in one. The Web offers the potential for companies to provide this information and get consumers started easily and quickly. Learn what these critical benchmarks are.

Five Common VPN Security Mistakes

Avoiding Common VPN Mistakes
Learn about the most common vpn security mistakes companies make when deploying and managing VPN and endpoint security solutions. The goal of this information is to help companies avoid costly errors and offer a hassle-free remote access solution for companies requiring VPN technology. Click here to download this white paper.

Medical Tourism: Implications for Participants in the US Health Care System

Medical Tourism
Medical tourism presents opportunities and threats for health plans, employers, pharmaceutical and device companies, providers, payers and patients. Those who understand the emerging market will be well-positioned to take the initiative and to benefit as the field evolves. The industry is still in a very early stage and significant changes will transpire over the next few years. The purpose of this white paper is to lay out the issues that US players should begin addressing now and to provide the context in which to evaluate them. Medical Tourism Issues to Consider.

The Medical Home and Diabetes Outcomes

Medical Home Pilots
Pilots in the patient-centered medical home for diabetes improved clinical outcomes and compliance and saved millions in health costs. The model holds promise for heart disease, asthma and other chronic illness. Click here to watch results from these pilots.

UAB Health System Web 2.0 Successes

Page views, favorited, embedded...this is the lexicon of Susan Reid, internet marketing manager for UAB Health System of Alabama, which is experiencing so much success with its foray into Web 2.0 technologies that it has reallocated some of its former print communications budget for Internet marketing, video and interactive tools in 2008. UAB Health System has posted more than 100 videos on YouTube, including the frequently viewed "UAB Emergency Room Rap" and a series of patients' "My Story" videos. UAB's recruitment and marketing areas report heightened interest in UAB employment opportunities generated by the YouTube placement. Click here to listen to UAB's Web 2.0 success story.