Valid Measurement of Disease Management Outcomes

Disease Management Outcomes Measurement

Popular pre-post methodologies may overstate savings in disease management
outcomes measurement.

How can you, your consultant, or your vendor know whether you saved money in
disease management, if you donít know whether your key utilization indicators
changed, and how that change compares to others? Without that key information,
you have no idea if the outcomes being shown to you are plausible.

Further, you have no idea how much those adverse event rates must decline in
order to earn a return on your investment. How can you manage something if
you don't have goals and if you can't measure success?

Disease Management Outcomes Measurement, a webinar on CD, will answer all
those questions, provide benchmarkable data from many payors and show you
the surprising results of valid measurement from two organizations widely
recognized for their disease management:

To learn more or to order your copy today, contact HIN at
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Please reference this customer code when ordering: DMO0211H

Order your copy today at:
Please reference this customer code when ordering: DMO0211H

The good news is, with these materials and CD, you can measure your own
outcomes (a) validly (b) without needing any consultants — by tallying
your event rates, following what is now the single most widely used
methodology in the country, event-rate-based "plausibility analysis."
You can count your events, determine your trend, compare them to
benchmarks, and develop an ROI...on your own.

In addition to the basic package, you may optionally order the full
complement of how-to-measure-ROI materials (including the actual tool
into which you can enter your own data) and obtain a free one-hour
Q&A session with the principal speaker.

Your payoff? Actual valid measurement of your own outcomes, using
"ingredients you already have in your kitchen." If you sign up for the
full package, including the consultation, this outcome is guaranteed,
or the consultations continue until you've accomplished it.

Available in Single or Multi-User Licenses

A multi-user license will provide you with the right to install and use this
information on your company's computer network for an unlimited number of
additional workstations within your organization for a one-time fee. To have
this valuable resource on your network, or to inquire about ordering bulk
copies in print or Adobe PDF, please e-mail Deirdre McGuinness at or call at 888-446-3530 ext. 14.

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Disease Management Outcomes Measurement

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