Directions: Looking Ahead in Healthcare

Since you are a member of the Healthcare Intelligence Network, we wanted to give you and your organization a competitive advantage.

You can rely on Directions: Looking Ahead in Healthcare to give you a comprehensive monthly report on directions, forecasts, trends in healthcare -- and, all of the facts and statistics are distilled for you to help point you and your organization in the right direction.

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You can stay on the right course as you make your organization's strategic plan to compete and survive in the months and years just ahead with your monthly subscription to Directions: Looking Ahead in Healthcare.

You'll be able to track how the healthcare industry is meeting staffing challenges, how healthcare organizations are using the Internet and technology to decrease costs and improve the quality of care, and ongoing trends and statistics charting the growth of managed care.

Our staff researchers will do the tedious work for you. On your own, it would take you countless hours and hours of plying through numerous lengthy journal articles, healthcare magazine and newspaper clippings to try to make some sense of what everyone is saying and thinking.

And, when you subscribe to Directions: Looking Ahead in Healthcare through the Healthcare Intelligence Network, you can receive the newsletter in the electronic format of your choice and you will have online access to current and back issues of the newsletter with full text searching! At your fingertips, you can conduct key word searches over an archive dating back.

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IMPORTANT: Please reference this customer code when ordering: DLA0714H

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Directions: Looking Ahead in Healthcare
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Important: Please reference the following customer code when ordering: DLA0714H

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