Dual Eligibles: Closing Care Gaps and Engaging Members in Self-Management

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Dual Eligibles: Closing Care Gaps and Engaging Members in Self-Management

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 • 1:30-2:15 p.m. Eastern
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Dual Eligibles: Closing Care Gaps and Engaging Members in Self-Management

With a wide range of needs beyond traditional healthcare that can impact the health status of dual eligibles, organizations that serve the dual eligible population often look to community-based resources to help close social service gaps for these members.

Wellcare Health Plan Inc. has developed a unique approach to identify, connect and sustain community service agencies in its markets.

During Dual Eligibles: Closing Care Gaps and Engaging Members in Self-Management, an October 2, 2013 webinar, Pamme Taylor, WellCare’s vice president of advocacy and community-based programs, will share Wellcare’s strategy for meeting a broad spectrum of a member’s needs with community-based services and how these partnerships contribute to the engagement of duals in self-management of their care.

You will learn how Wellcare:

  • Connects with primary care physicians and specialists to assess member needs;
  • Uses PCPs and specialists to identify cultural and ethnic preferences to improve member engagement;
  • Developed a referral tracking system embedded in the electronic health record for case managers to link members to available services;
  • Expanded the referral tracking system data inputs to create a truly population health-focused platform; and
  • Is working with community-based programs with constrained budgets to sustain needed services for their members.

Taylor will also share the impact of these initiatives on emergency room utilization, quality scores and gaps in care.

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Join us on October 2nd as Taylor shares how Wellcare is improving the quality and reducing the cost of care for dual eligibles by meeting the healthcare AND social service needs of its dual eligible members.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
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