Dual Approach to Patient Engagement:
Activating High Utilizers and Coaching Clinicians

With health coach support on two fronts, PinnacleHealth Systems is changing the patient engagement conversation—both among its staff of clinicians and its most disengaged patient population.

Dual Approach to Patient Engagement: Activating High Utilizers and Coaching CliniciansDual Approach to Patient Engagement: Activating High Utilizers and Coaching Clinicians describes PinnacleHealth System's two-pronged strategy for prioritizing patient engagement within its culture, and elevating key quality and clinical metrics in the process.

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Outlining PinnacleHealth's use of health coaches to both engage its highest risk population and polish providers' engagement techniques is Kathryn Shradley, director of population health for PinnacleHealth. In this 25-page resource. Ms. Shradley explains how her organization effects this culture change via education, awareness and interventions built on a foundation of health literacy.

Ms. Shradley highlights the following aspects of the PinnacleHealth patient engagement approach in this report:

  • The key engagement and behavior change models that shaped the PinnacleHealth program;
  • Socializing the premises of health literacy and patient activation within the corporate culture;
  • Two key financial factors supporting PinnacleHealth's business case for a patient engagement initiative;
  • Risk-stratified interventions to foster engagement;
  • The role of the health maintenance outreach coordinator;
  • Registry-supported disease-specific outreach targeting patients with diabetes;
  • Supplemental health coaching for disengaged high-use patients;
  • PinnacleHealth's additional intervention to supplement health coaching out of hours;
  • Results from a collaboration that places a patient engagement coach at providers' elbows to evaluate and sharpen clinicians' approach to patient engagement;
  • Impact of patient and provider coaching on PinnacleHealth's patient engagement scorecard;
  • and much more.

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