Healthcare Data Analytics & Integration:
Actionable Information Shapes Care
for Healthcare 'Hot-Spotters,' Pares Cost

Data Analytics & Integration in 2016: Actionable Information Shapes Care for Healthcare 'Hot-Spotters,' Pares Cost As providers increasingly are reimbursed for services on the basis of quality and value, healthcare organizations are turning to data analytics to more closely scrutinize the populations they serve. Their expectations are that the generation, sharing and analysis of patient and population data will yield actionable information providers can tap to focus care, enhance patient outcomes and experiences, and drive down cost.

Results from a 2016 Healthcare Intelligence Network survey examining industry data analytics trends bear out these assumptions. More than three-quarters of responding organizations—77 percent—already have mapped out a data analytics and integration strategy, the survey found, with 41 percent attributing declines in total spend to data analytics.

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This white paper is an excerpt from 2016 Healthcare Benchmarks: Data Analytics and Integration, which examines the goals, data types, collection processes, program elements, challenges and successes shared by healthcare organizations responding to the January 2016 Data Analytics survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. For more information, click here:

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