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After identifying a need in the state of Iowa for access to affordable
prescription drugs and access to specialists for underserved populations,
as well as medical home development for the safety net providers in the
state, the Iowa/Nebraska Primary Care Association was awarded state
funding to create and manage a provider network to bring together all
of the community resources needed to make a medical home possible.

Sarah Dixon Gale, lead contract manager, Iowa/Nebraska Primary Care
Association and Michelle Stephan, chief executive officer, Siouxland
Community Health Center, will share how the primary care providers
in this community work with other local, community-based organizations,
as part of a virtual medical home, to improve access to and the
quality of care during next week's webinar:

Coordinating a Virtual Medical Home in Your Community: Lessons
from the Iowa Collaborative Provider Network
a 45-minute webinar on September 23rd.

During the webinar, you will get details on:

Register for the webinar today by contacting 888-446-3530 or by visiting:

Don't miss this important event to learn how the community utility approach has
provided an advantage to these primary care providers for the recent Iowa
Medicaid Expansion project and will further position them with an advantage
for the federal Medicaid expansion in 2014.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network