A Shared Savings ACO Model for Federal and Commercial Contracts

A Shared Savings ACO Model for Federal and Commercial Contracts

Clinical integration of providers is essential for the agenda that has been placed before the healthcare industry by the Federal Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, as well as discussions with private payers, according to Dr. Mark Shields, senior medical director with Advocate Physician Partners.

"Whether were moving toward bundled payments or avoiding payment denials, responding to the cost pressures or putting together a structure to be an Accountable Care Organization...all of these require providers to be integrated," said Dr. Shields.

Dr. Shields shared with participants in this month's webinar How To Create an ACO Framework Through Clinical Integration with Independent Physicians, the features of Advocate's clinical integration initiative and its ACO contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois that is launching in January.

In case you missed this webinar, you still have a chance to hear this highly-rated program.

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You will get details on:

  • What is driving the development of the clinical integration program at Advocate Physician Partners;
  • Important aspects of Advocate's clinical integration group and program;
  • Key lessons learned, including how to be responsive to the marketplace and how to integrate independent physicians; and
  • Using clinical integration to position for federal and commercial ACO contracts.

You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to learn more about the collaborative role for payers in the development of ACOs with physician groups and hospitals; how Advocate's quality and performance measures have changed and evolved as the program has progressed; physician exclusivity with ACO contracts; overcoming physician resistance to clinical integration; developing a post-acute network; and working with payers on a common set of performance measures.

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