Care Coordination for Dual Eligibles: A Results-Oriented Approach

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Care Coordination for Dual Eligibles:
A Results-Oriented Approach

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 • 1:30-2:15 p.m. Eastern
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Care Coordination for Dual Eligibles: A Results-Oriented Approach

The approximately 9 million low-income elderly and disabled individuals who are Medicare and Medicaid dual eligibles are poorer and sicker than Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as a whole, and consequently account for disproportionate shares of Medicaid and Medicare spending, according to a study by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. Dual eligibles make up 15 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries but account for 39 percent of Medicaid spending; they make up 21 percent of Medicare beneficiaries but account for 36 percent of Medicare spending.

With a long history in serving Medicare beneficiaries, SCAN Health Plan has a multi-pronged, strategic approach to reaching dual eligibles based on the specific needs of the member. This unique care management model emphasizes prevention and early intervention, with a focus on medication management.

Recent analyses by Avalere Health of SCAN Health Plan's care management model demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing readmission rates and inpatient hospital admissions and producing significant cost savings tied to the improvement in health status of members.

During Care Coordination for Dual Eligibles: A Results-Oriented Approach, a December 6th, 2012 webinar at 1:30 pm Eastern, Dr. Timothy Schwab, chief medical officer, SCAN Health Plan, will share his organization's strategic approach to serving the dual eligible market.

  • The issues and solutions for serving the dual eligible market;
  • Current trends in the dual eligible marketplace;
  • Developing relationships with long term care services and support providers to manage care for dual eligibles;
  • Integrating acute and long term care coordination; and
  • Metrics to follow in the dual eligible market.

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Join us on December 6th as Dr. Schwab shares his organization's best practice approach to care coordination for dual eligibles.

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Melanie Matthews
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