What Are the Top Provider Metrics
Used To Determine Value-Based Payments?

What Are the Top Provider Metrics Used To Determine Value-Based Payments?Quality metrics are the most common measure used to evaluate provider performance for value-based payments, according to the 2015 Healthcare Benchmarks: Value-Based Reimbursement. The survey also identified 10 additional metrics used for provider performance evaluation.

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This 40-page report, based on responses from more than 80 healthcare companies to HIN's inaugural survey on value-based reimbursement, compiles a collection of metrics presented in data tables and dozens of charts.

The market metrics in this report encompass the following data points:

  • Current use of value-based reimbursement or alternative payment models;
  • Favored value-based payment models, including patient-centered medical home (PCMH), accountable care organization (ACO), bundled payments, and others;
  • Number of beneficiaries covered by value-based reimbursement models;
  • Number of physicians reimbursed via value-based contracts;
  • Percentage of provider compensation that is value-based;
  • Provider metrics evaluated to determine value-based payments;
  • Tools and technologies supporting value-based models;
  • Program components related to value-basedpayment models (e.g. physician report cards, staff incentives, etc.);
  • Most effective tools, workflows or protocols in a value-based reimbursement strategy, in respondents' own words;
  • Annual savings attributed to value-based reimbursement models;
  • Most significant challenge of implementing a value-based reimbursement strategy;
  • Impact of quality-focused payment on clinical and organizational outcomes, including care coordination, patient satisfaction, healthcare services utilization, etc.;
  • Program ROI;
  • Greatest successes to date attributed to value-based reimbursement;
  • The complete September 2015 Value-Based Reimbursement survey tool;
and much more, including respondents' thoughts on availability of sufficient tools and technology to enable providers to succeed under value-based reimbursement models.

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