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2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Telehealth and Telemedicine

2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Patient Education and Outreach

2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Emergency Room Throughput

2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transition Management

2010 Healthcare Benchmarks Yearbook: Metrics, Measurements and Innovations

2010 Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence

2010 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management: Responsibilities, Results & ROI

Benchmarks in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

2010 Medical Home Performance Benchmarks: Adoption, Utilization and Results

Health Coaching Benchmarks, 2010 Edition: Operations and Performance Data for Optimal Program ROI and Participant Health Status

Benchmarks in Health & Wellness Incentives, 2010 Edition: Utilization and Effectiveness Data to Drive Health Promotion, Compliance and ROI

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In this 40-page special report, two key thought leaders take on these issues and more, predicting likely winners and losers from the pending healthcare reform legislation and describing its implications for key stakeholders in the coming year...William DeMarco, president and CEO of DeMarco and Associates and Jim Knutson, risk manager and human resources director, Aircraft Gear Corporation, analyze the changing reimbursement conversation and suggest ways to rethink payment and benefit design to reflect today's healthcare delivery systems.