The number of accountable care organizations led by a physician-hospital organization (PHO) nearly doubled over the last year, according to the third annual ACO survey conducted by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. As the ACO model finds its feet, administration has changed hands from hospitals in 2011 to physician-led in 2012 to PHOs in 2013 a year when the number of public and private ACOs in the country swelled to almost 500. Almost one in three ACOs is PHO-led.

Composition of the popular care delivery model is shifting as well, with hospice, long-term care and home health exhibiting more skin in the ACO game in 2013. For example, the number of ACOs with hospices more than doubled in the last 12 months from 19 percent to 42 percent.

Download this HINtelligence report for more data on ACO trends in 2013 as reported by 138 healthcare companies, including ACO program components, results and ROI, and the greatest successes achieved by accountable care organizations in respondents' own words.

Accountable Care Organizations in 2013: ACO Leadership Shifts to Physician-Hospital OrganizationsThis white paper is an excerpt from the full 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Accountable Care Organizations, a comprehensive snapshot of ACO awareness, participation, administration, targeted populations, payment models and much more from healthcare companies already immersed in the ACO architecture. Click here for more information on the 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Accountable Care Organizations.

I invite you to download the free white paper on accountable care organizations at: If your organization is participating in or considering an investment in ACOs, you can learn from the experiences and feedback from healthcare payors, purchasers, providers and others presented in the 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Accountable Care Organizations.


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